About Us

Having spent many years since the 1970s living in vans, converted busses, RVs and custom coaches we were always on the lookout for 12 volt [DC] solutions for what most people who live in “regular houses” take for granted.

In a regular house, if you need a fan, a t.v., a refrigerator, microwave or toaster oven, you just plug it into the wall and it uses the 110 volt [AC] wired into all the outlets — a seemingly endless supply of electricity and convenience.

What most people don’t realize is many of these device’s functionality operate at a much lower voltage. You actually pay for electricity that gets wasted (usually in the form of heat created) to convert from AC to DC and to step the voltage down to the device’s operating voltage.

If you are not up to speed on terms like; volts, amps, watts, AC, DC or how to calculate and convert between them, read our article: “Volts, Amp, Watts Explained“.